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Most lawyers who advertise on television and radio these days, and offer to help you with your injury claim, try to scare you into hiring them. They falsely advise you that, without their services, you will be treated unfairly and will not recover the damages you may deserve. If you believe these lawyers, you have to “do battle” to be treated fairly. Worse yet, those lawyers would have you believe that insurance companies are always out to cheat you from the fair compensation you deserve. In these advertisements, the lawyers ask you to hire them so you will have an “aggressive” lawyer to “fight” for you and show the people and/or business against whom you make the claim – that “you mean business.”

These advertisements are misleading. The truth is that your claim doesn’t have to be handled like a “business transaction.” And, if you are truly injured as a result of someone’s negligence, you rarely need to “fight” for fair compensation. If that is true, you might ask, then why do I need to hire an attorney at all?

The answer is simple. Insurance companies have to handle thousands of claims every day. Their employees do not have the resources to quickly gather all of the evidence necessary (medical bills, medical reports, photographs of the accident, police reports, etc.) to quickly, completely, and accurately evaluate your claim. Nor are all of the insurance company employees trained in recognizing the applicable laws that may provide a legal basis for your claim. When you hire a lawyer who has built a reputation in your community as trustworthy and competent, a lawyer who is known to specialize in injury claims, more often than not, that lawyer can guide you (and your insurance company) so that your claim is more quickly and effectively evaluated for the maximum compensation you deserve – without a “fight” – in other words, without having to file a lawsuit that will take years to resolve. Insurance companies aren’t out to cheat you from what you fairly deserve, their employees just aren’t always equipped to make that determination or to be certain about it.

For the past 25 years, The Florida Bar has recognized my expertise in trying cases to juries by awarding me the designation of “Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney.”1 Not every lawyer is awarded this designation. This is a prestigious designation that recognizes my experience in the area of civil trial. It is only awarded to trial attorneys who meet rigorous experience and examination requirements, and who are recommended for the award by other trial attorneys and judges. Other lawyers have given me the highest rating for competence and trustworthiness a lawyer can achieve (an AV rating) in a publication called Martindale Hubbell. This business rates the competence and reputation of lawyers throughout the world. Check it out. Martindale Hubbell is online.

I have represented folks who have suffered serious injury from negligent doctors, negligent lawyers, negligent automobile drivers, negligent truck drivers, negligent restaurants, negligent dog owners, negligent property owners, etc. Consequently, when you ask me to help you with your claim, I know what documents and other evidence will be useful and persuasive to maximize the amount of money you will recover to compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages and misery. I know how to competently preserve, gather, and present, the evidence that will support your claim so that you receive fair compensation – quickly. If I am presenting your claim for compensation, the insurance company (and/or the lawyers for the person or company that negligently caused you damage) know that if they don’t offer you the money you are due, you have the help of an attorney who can, and will, effectively present your case to a jury – so that you will recover fair compensation. However, because of my reputation, in the past 36 years, about 99% of the claims I have presented have been fairly settled without the delays and expenses of a lawsuit.

So the question you need to ask yourself is what kind of lawyer do you want to help you with your claim? An “aggressive” lawyer who falsely scares you into thinking your are in for a “fight” (and that’s why you need to hire him/her) or, would you rather work with a lawyer who, like me, has the proven experience, skill, and training, to present your claim so that you get the best results in the least amount of time without necessarily having to “do battle,” a lawyer who has a reputation for only representing those who have truly suffered damage and are deserving of fair compensation and restitution.

Contact me for a free consultation about whether you indeed have a claim and to discuss the potential compensation you should reasonably expect. You may reach me at any time at either of the following telephone numbers: (954) 523-4101. You can also email me at Any way you choose, you will reach me directly and will not have to speak to a secretary or receptionist or paralegal. If you have to leave a voice mail, I will personally return your call, usually within the hour.

1 Unlike Florida, Virginia does not designate attorneys as board certified in any area of law nor does it have a procedure for adopting and/or approving the Florida State Bar’s board certification.