Over the past 30 years, Mr. Tolber has successfully represented several hundred injured accident victims whose injuries have ranged from back and neck injuries to broken bones, brain damage, loss of vision, paralysis, and even death.

Recently I was represented by Tolber Law Firm, specifically by Mr. Reed Tolber.

The day I went into his office he was in court, but the staff was professional and kind and assured me Mr. Tolber would contact me shortly. The same day Mr. Tolber agreed to represent me pro bono and within days, all the preliminary paperwork was signed and he began work on my case.

I think initially it seemed to be a fairly easy case, it became more complex dealing with a trust lawyer and against a litigant that was not a US citizen. I believe Mr. Tolber continued with my case when many other lawyers may have dropped it.

Mr. Tolber assessed the best possible outcome and worked towards that. I believe his legal expertise and experiences were in my best interest. He accompanied me to the hearing in Animal Court and was always very supportive and reassuring. The day of the deposition, he could tell I was uncomfortable and he made every effort to support me.

A settlement was agreed upon and all within a few months the case was settled. There were liens attached to any settlement and Mr. Tolber diligently and very successfully negotiated significantly lesser amounts to be accepted as paid in full, guaranteeing me the highest financial outcome.

I strongly recommend Mr. Tolber, he is a kind and honorable man with great legal experiences.

Derrel Thompson